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Proteger Financial Solutions have all your home loan solutions, no matter what your circumstances. We’re also your home loan partners for life. We review your loans at least annually to make sure that the loan is still meeting your needs. This ensures that your bank cannot simply take you for granted.

Owner Occupied

Whether you are purchasing a home, or doing renovations to your existing home, your home is usually your biggest investment. It takes a long time to find the home of your dreams, so why would you only look at one loan option? There is more to a home loan than just the interest rate and the difference in loan costs can literally be thousands of dollars.

We have approximately 30-lenders on our panel and literally hundreds of loan options to choose from.

We take time to understand your circumstances and future goals. This allows us to find a loan and a repayment structure to suit you. Whether you need flexibility of repayments, the certainty of a fixed rate, a redraw or an offset account, we can help. We’ll always provide you with more than one loan option and we will explain the reasons for our recommendation.

Investment / SMSF

Investment into residential property is a very popular way to create wealth. When you are selecting the right investment loan, there are a range of options that are available. You may elect to have interest only repayments to maximise your cash flow. You might want to fix all or a portion of your loan to maintain certainty. We will talk through all of the options with you.

You might have received advice that investment within a SMSF environment would suit you.

Borrowing to invest creates additional risk. We not only work with you to secure a great loan for you, we also look for ways to structure your loan to reduce your risk.

Self-Employed/ Specialist Loans

Sometimes it can be hard to get a home loan due to your circumstances. There are a variety of reasons why the banks might make it hard for you.

If you are self-employed, your income may be irregular, or the banks may not fully understand your income. Like you, we are self-employed and we understand how business works.

Sometimes, life does not go according to plan and credit problems are unavoidable. In many cases, these issues have been fixed however they can still affect your ability to get a loan. In other circumstances, a debt consolidation loan may be suitable.
Regardless of your circumstances, we will work with you to understand your circumstances and get you the right loan for you.

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Home buying is one of the biggest investment decisions that you’ll ever make. To make the process simple, we’ve produced an E-Book “Complete Home Loan Guide”

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Whether you are a first home buyer or an experienced investor adding to your portfolio of properties, we can help.

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